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Community Health Pharmacy offers MedsCheck services in Niagara Falls. This program is designed to keep the health of patients’ health in check. It is an in-pharmacy, consumer-centred services funded under the Medicines Use Review Program. Also, this service involves a one-on-one discussion between a pharmacist and a patient to improve the quality use of medicines. These services represent a patient-focused approach to addressing questions or concerns a patient has about their medicines.


Individuals qualify for MedsCheck if they take three or more medications for a chronic condition, and also have a valid OHIP card. MedsCheck is a government-funded service that allows patients to have personalized and one-on-one sessions with their preferred pharmacist to discuss medication requirements. At Community Health Pharmacy, we offer this service to patients who have the prerequisite and we’re happy to discuss:

How to avoid bad interactions?
How they work together and possible side effects?
How to use inhalers, needles, etc.?
What medications you are taking?

Contact Community Health Pharmacy if you’ve any questions about MedsCheck services. You can also call us to make an appointment to come in and talk to a qualified pharmacist. We can visit your house if it’s more convenient for you. Customers can also check for more information about the MedsCheck program.


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